Step-By-Step Stamped Concrete Restoration

Step-By-Step Stamped Concrete Restoration

Posted by Connie Hernandez on Jul 20th 2022

Stamped concrete needs to be maintained on a fairly regular basis in order to maintain the color and the protection from the sealer.  However, due to life circumstances, many people sometimes prolong this maintenance and then worry that the stamped concrete has degraded beyond repair.  We are happy to say that in many instances this is not the case.  Because of the sheer number of instances that we have encountered we have come up with a step-by-step playbook for the DIYer.  

Every situation is unique and so requires slightly different steps but I have included below an example of the type of information we provide designed to your unique situation.  This quote is for a long, winding walkway of approximate 600 square feet that has been neglected for over 15 years and has some cracks and small repairs that need to be made.  We provide an in-depth product quote for every product you could need (some of the tools are optional as you may have them in stock) and then links to videos and blogs on how to use every recommended product.  

To discuss your project - call us at 800-997-3873 and start the journey to a step-by-step proposal for your project.  Let us help you today.

***********************  SAMPLE PRODUCT QUOTE ONLY ****************************

NOTE – Application Process and related Videos: Best application weather is when temperatures are below 90 degrees

  1. You have the option of using product 1a or 1b. Using 1a provides a better surface to restore your project because it removes any old sealer on the concrete.
    1. SealGreen SCR1600 coating remover – SGR1600 Coatings Remover With Cleaner-Degreaser - Blue Bear - Paint Removal Solution For Concrete and Furniture - SealGreen video -
    2. SealGreen Color Stain Primer Cleaner - Color Stain Primer - Cleans and Prepares Concrete Surfaces for Color Staining - SealGreen video - (same as mold remover process)
  2. Application of SealGreen Concrete Patch Repair for cracks and patches - Concrete Patch Repair Material for Small and Minor Concrete Repairs - SealGreen video -
  3. Application of SealGreen Antiskid – Anti-Skid for Concrete Floors - Applied Onto Wet E10 and E15 to Create a Non-Slip Surface - SealGreen video -
  4. Application of SealGreen Color – Classic Series - Smith's Floor Color Stains - Natural Look - Stain Concentrate - SealGreen video -
  5. Application of SealGreen E15 Epoxy Sealer two coats - E15 Epoxy Stamped Concrete Sealer - Outdoor Deco Decorated and Stamped Concrete - Low VOC - SealGreen video -

DIY Support:

Our YouTube videos located at SEALGREENTV channel, white papers and other materials help people learn how to seal concrete driveways, patios, parking lots, kennels, and other concrete areas. You can also call us for technical support or application questions

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