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Brushes, sprayers, rollers, poles, show guards

  • 12 Orbital Floor Scrubber - Rental Unit Scrubbing a Kennel floor using SealGreen Kennel cleaner

    12 Inch Floor Scrubber Rental

    Orbiter Floor Scrubber 12-Inch - Rental  Scrubbing Pads for the Orbiter Floor Scrubber  Questions? 1-800-997-3873  This unit is only available for daily rental in the Kansas City Metro area. The Oreck® Orbiter® Ultra...

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  • SealGreen Color Brush Applicator

    Applicator Brush

    Applicator Brush Questions? 1-800-997-3873  Gray Flagged Applicator Brush - Design for a fine application of Gray-Out Water Oil Cleaner powder, for color stain application, and for fine sweeping on smooth polished or sealed concrete...

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  • 4oz Spray Bottle with clear cap

    4-Ounce Spray Bottle

    4-Ounce Hand Sprayer Bottle Questions? 1-800-997-3873  Recommended for the application of color stains in very small areas or for applying color highlights 

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  • 2 Inch Trim Brush

    2-Inch Trim Brush

    2-Inch Trimming Brush Questions? 1-800-997-3873  2" White China Bristle Trim Brush with sanded wood handle and epoxy set bristles to prevent shedding. Great for trimming in tight places. This gneral purpose brush can be used with various...

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  • SealGreen Extra Heavy Duty Scrubbing Pad for preparing floors for color stain or sealer applications. Extra Heavy Duty Scrub Pad Close up

    Extra Heavy Duty Green Scrubbing Pad

    Extra Heavy Duty Green Scrubbing Pad Questions?  1-800-997-3873   Extra Heavy Duty Green Scrubbing Pad will provide an aggressive cleaning cut for the first step on extremely dirty floors or to prepare floors for color stain or...

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  • SealGreen Paint Strainer SealGreen Paint Strainer

    Paint Strainer

    Water Color Stain Paint Strainer Questions? 1-800-997-3873  Paint strainer designed to filter Smith Color Stains, strong durable cone-shaped construction removes impurities in water based stains, and prevents sprayer gun from clogging. We...

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