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Basement Seminar Presentation

Basement Seminar 2018


The purpose of this seminar is to provide a clear path on how you can successfully make your basement concrete floor a beautiful floor.
You can review the seminar either by following each step from One to Five or by selecting any of the tabs to address your questions.


  • How to plan and prepare for the project
  • Test for humidity in concrete
  • How to remove existing flooring
  • How to clean the floor
  • How to apply color stains
  • How to seal the floor for color enhancement and protectioin
  • How to make your floor with glossy finish
  • How to apply a polyurethane coat for heavy traffic floors


  •  Written step by step process
  • Application videos for each step of the process
  • Insides to and short cuts from experience professionals
  • Documented seminar
  • Product selection recommendations
  • Email and phone technical support 

 One - Floor Prep  |  Two - Washing  |  Three - Color Stain  |  Four - Sealer Application  |  Five - Finish Coat


  1. How to color stain and seal and inside floor with W10 Finish Coat
  2. How to color stain and seal and inside floor with Poly Shine or Poly StepGuard