Custom DIY Project Consulting From SealGreen

Custom DIY Project Consulting From SealGreen

Posted by Mike Hernandez on Apr 2nd 2024

When was the last time you received a customized DIY project support plan?

How many websites are more interested in selling you products and then when it comes to support or questions; good luck finding a phone number or a live person to help?

At SealGreen will provide you with a customized DIY support program, so your DYI project is a success from concept to completion. Every plan include supplies needed, products and quantities required as well as an Application Installation Process timeline of when to use each product and links to videos showing you how to use the products.

We get many calls every day from people asking about how they can restore their concrete. Projects like faded stamped concrete, moldy and dirty driveways that need cleaning, how to solve slippery floors, how to make an inside concrete floor look great with color and a durable finish, or how to keep my dog kennel free from the urine smell and many more questions about concrete, brick and natural stones etc. You can find many answers to these questions at SealGreen Frequent Question Answers - FAQs. If not call us at 913-681-3451.

When you contact SealGreen about your project you will be greeted by a live person who can either answer your question or can provide you with the next steps towards a solution.

This initial contact will usually include a request for some pictures of your project so we can have a clear understanding of the project. These pictures can be texted to our main number or emailed, whichever is easiest for you to accomplish. We will review the project with you over the phone to determine possible solutions based on your capabilities and budget.

When we have agreed upon a DIY solution we will need the square footage of your project so we can provide you with the specific products that you will need. We will also provide you with an Application Installation Process that includes the day’s activity schedule, application videos, product information links and written application instructions.

And when you purchase the products from SealGreen our support continues, we are available via Text at 913-681-3451, email (, or live support during our hours from Monday thru Thursday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

It is common to have customers call before they start their DIY project to review application procedures or in between applications to consult on results and next steps. And we always love before and after pictures to post on our website to celebrate your project success!

We are here to assist from concept to reality. And to celebrate the successful completion of your project.