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commercial-kennel-350pix72.jpgWelcome to SealGreen Kennel Information

Commercial kennels have many configurations to fit your specific needs. The design of a kennel takes the health and well-being of both you, your customers, and your dogs into consideration.

The type of housing you choose for the dogs or pets impacts their lives 24 hours a day and affects everything from stress level to disease risk to food intake to sleep quality.

For your dogs, it is all about providing a safe and comfortable environment; protection from the environment: dry, not too hot, or cold, and adequate space to express normal behavior; and provision for clean food and water uncontaminated by waste with good air quality and plenty of light.

At SealGreen as we develop our kennel products, we take all the above into consideration. A dog or cat or any other pets are members of the family or someone’s family.

We now have four SealGreen Kennel products to help make your kennel better: 

SealGreen Kennel
SealGreen Kennel

SealGreen Kennel Poly-StepGuard
Sealer with Color and Antiskid

SealGreen Kennel Snow
and Ice Melter

residential-kennel300pix72.jpg kennel-sealer-penetrating-300pix72-5.jpg kennel-concrete-gray-300pix72.jpg dog-snow-melt-300pix72.jpg
Non-slip or shiny surface wet or dry
• Reduces urine penetration.
• Bonds already deteriorated concrete
• Reduces concrete dusting.
• Scratch resistant.
• Durable to daily pressure washing.
• Protects rebar from rusting.
• Easier to clean and maintain.
• Does NOT peel over time.
• Does NOT require removal for reapplication.
• No toxic smells
Simple and Easy - Actually works!
• Biodegrades the oil - No special disposal required.
• No special tools needed.
• Minimum effort to clean.
• Mix concentrate to desire strength.
• Recommended by professional washers.
• Use it on any washable surface.
• Removes urine smell - makes kennel smell clean.

Available in Clear
• Available in Beige color
• Available in Concrete Gray color
• Non-Toxic, Minimal VOC's, Fumes, Odors
• Multi-Surface Solution for Concrete,
• Applicable to coated floors, ceramic tile, wood composites
• With antiskid to meet ADA requirements
• Ease of Application
• Single Component Product (No Mixing Req'd)
• Highly Water Resistant
• Does Not Mold or Mildew
• Protects Grout Lines
• Quick Drying Times
• Enhanced for UV Protection 
• Does Not Attract Dirt
• Stain Resistant
• Easy To Clean

• Creates Instant Traction – NO WAITING

• Non-Toxic Safer Around Children and Pets
• Effective to -20 F/-29 C
• Great for Kennels and Zoos
• Safer for Concrete & Metal, composite woods
• Vegetation Enhancer & Protectors
• Colored for Controlled Application
• Contains Anti-Caking Agents
• Patented Synergistic Formula
• NSF Authorized Food Service Safe
• EPA approved.

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