Should I clean the New or old concrete floor before I apply the SealGreen Kennel Sealer

Should I clean the New or old concrete floor before I apply the SealGreen Kennel Sealer

Posted by Mike Hernandez on Sep 25th 2023

This is a question that we get almost every day. The answer is YES you should always clean the surface to be sealed. Our more extensive answer is broken down into new concrete and existing concrete.

  1. NEW CONCRETE - New concrete should always be clean before it is sealed. The main reason is that when the new concrete cures (hardens) it creates a fine powder called latency powder. This powder fills the microscopic pores of the surface of the concrete. Even if you wash the surface with a pressure washer you will not remove all the latency powder. The purpose of washing the new concrete with SealGreen Kennel Sealer is to loosen up all the latency powder inside the pores, therefore leaving clean open pores that can be filled with the new sealer. Regardless of the type of sealer you will be using all sealers require a good bondable surface to perform their best.
  2. EXISTING OR OLD CONCRETE – It is a requirement to always wash existing or old concrete because, in many cases the concrete has already have been exposed to regular kennel use such as urine and dog droppings, food, disinfectants, and other things. It is important that the surface be clean to allow for the new sealer to have good penetration or if it is surface coating to bond correctly.
  3. Specifically, urine and dog droppings tend to penetrate and crystallize and adhere to the concrete and fill the microscopy pores on the surface of the concrete. This contaminants cannot be totally clean unless a cleaner is used. The SealGreen Kennel Cleaner will penetrate the concrete go into the microscopic pores and dissolves and environmentally safe contaminants so they can be disposed of through normal drain systems. Because it dissolves and breaks down the contaminants it leaves the pores clean and open for the sealer application.
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