About Us – a ReUse Concrete Sealing Company is dedicated to the manufacturing of environmentally-friendly concrete cleaners, concrete color stains, and concrete sealers.

We are located at: 16072 Foster Street - Overland Park, Kansas 66085

Our low odor products can be easily applied by home owners as Do-It-Yourself projects or by a flooring contractors in residential or commecial floors.

We provide extensive education about concrete preparation, concrete staining and concrete sealing to our customers to insure a successful project every time.

Our YouTube channel – SealGreenTV walks you step by step through a simple process to make your concrete beautiful or to restore your existing floor.

We also provide written instructions and extensive telephone support in all aspects of making your concrete beautiful. We love to share our 15 years of experience on how to clean, stain with color and seal your interior floors or exterior concrete. And if you are in the Kansas City Metro area we can send our team of expert installers to do it all for you. Or stop by our showroom to choose colors or by products.

This is the place where people learn how to clean, stain, and seal basements, concrete driveways, patios, parking lots, kennels, and other concrete areas.