Concrete, Brick & Stone Sealers

Our SealGreen Sealers are designed to:

  • Penetrate the surface
  • Chemically react with the substrate
  • Do not change the look or color
  • Do not form films on the surface of the substrate
  • Protect against salt and deicer damage
  • Protect the environment
  • Qualify for LEED credits

From Mary Lou and Phil Dupes:
New concrete driveway sealed on 10/14/2001 

Mike, we received an email a while back regarding  our opinion of the work you have done for us.  I never got around to responding, but just so you know, we think your work is excellent.  If you compare our driveway and sidewalk with others that we know were not resealed annually, the difference is incredible.  Our driveway and sidewalk looks like new and others show tremendous wear and tear.  Thank you. 

Will get in touch with you later re our bricks.  All the best to you and Connie. 

Mary Lou Dupes