How to Clean Cat Urine off Concrete floors

How to Clean Cat Urine off Concrete floors

Posted by Mike Hernandez on May 2nd 2024

How to Clean Cat urine:

  • 1.The first thing is to remove all floor coverings and dispose of them that includes carpets, rugs, blankets that lay on floors and under carpet pads.
  • 2.You will also have to clean sofas, furniture, and any furniture near the area where the cats a urinating.
  • 3.You will also have to clean walls and wall moldings and anything that is near where the urinate.
  • 4.Replace all curtains and anything else that could have absorbed the cat urine smell.
  • 5.Once you have removed all the carpet you will also have to remove any carpet by taking wood strips because they soak in urine as well.
  • 6.Your concrete floor should all be exposed. We usually recommend cleaning all the floor in the room and not just the area. Cats are extremely sensitive to urine smell, and they will find areas that were not clean and start urinating in the area found.
  • 7.Keep in mind that this only applies to concrete surfaces and not wood floors.
  • 8.Wash and clean all washable wall surfaces and floor moldings with SealGreen Kennel Cleaner before starting with the floor. Use clean water to rinse the wall.
  • 9.NOTE: the following process is for a floor that was covered with regular carpet. If your floor has glue from a vinyl floor or other flooring that was remove you will have to remove the glue before continuing with following process.
  • 10.To clean the urine off the concrete floor, you will need a wet/dry shop Vac, a scrub brush with plastic bristles or a floor maintainer with a SealGreen scrubbing pad, and a pump sprayer. You will also need SealGreen Kennel Cleaner, access to warm water, and clean fresh water to rinse. Please wear safety equipment such as glasses and gloves for your personal safety.
  • 11.Start by spraying the SealGreen Kennel Cleaner mix with warm or hot water per the instructions on the back of the bottle.
  • 12.Work in small sections such four feet by four feet areas. Apply the cleaner and let it soak into the floor for 4 to 5 minutes and then scrub the floor and rinse with clean water and collect the rinse water with the shop vac. Continue the process until you have cleaned the entire floor.
  • 13.Allow the floor to dry completely and check if there is no more urine smell. You may have to repeat the above process several times until all the urine has been extracted from the floor.
  • 14.Once this process is completed allow the floor to dry for one day before applying the SealGreen Sealer.
  • 15.We recommend using SealGreen E10 Epoxy Vapor Barrier Sealer to seal the floor. This will seal the floor and prevent the old cat urine smell.
  • 16.It is recommended to apply two coats using a SealGreen ½ inch none shading nap roller. Allow the sealer to dry 4 hours in between coatings. If the urine has been there for many years we recommend more coatings to encapsulate all smells.
  • 17.We also recommend painting all walls and wall moldings to prevent any future urine smells.
  • 18.If you plan to cover the floor after the cleaning and sealing please use the new carpet do not reuse any old carpet pieces or rugs.
  • 19.In some cases, if you are planning to leave the concrete plain you may apply color to the floor before sealing the floor to make it more attractive. We recommend using SealGreen Color Stains.
  • 20.If you need to remove glue off the floor please review the video SealGreen Coating Removing process.
  • 21.Please review the following links that describe how to clean the floor, apply color (optional), and seal the floor.
  • a.How to remove flooring -
  • b.How to wash the floor -
  • c.How to apply color to the floor (optional) -
  • d.How to apply sealer - or
  • 22.To regularly clean the floor use SealGreen Kennel Cleaner diluted to meet your requirements.
  • 23.Please contact us if you have any questions on this process to or call 800-997-3873.