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Outdated Driveway Trends and What's New

Outdated Driveway Trends and What's New

Posted by Connie Hernandez on Aug 12th 2021

A home's driveway is the first thing that a guest or a potential buyer sees when they visit a home.  This means that first impressions are formed before the guest or potential buyer ever sets foot inside your home.  Therefore it is so critical the driveway presents a clean, updated and maintained appearance.

Certain trends from the past are indicators that your home is out-of-date and potential buyers may look no further before they move on to a more current appearing home.  Statues on either side of the drive, gates or ornaments with metallic, shiny finishes are "turn-offs" according to real estate agents.  Ribbon driveways - two thin strips of concrete with grass growing between them is a very dated look.

Gravel and asphalt and stamped concrete driveways are out.  Gravel driveways require constant maintenance and are not capable of being used for other things such as play areas for children.  Asphalt and stamped concrete driveways require annual maintenance.  If they are not kept up asphalt and stamped concrete look very shabby and buyers will shy away from them.  If you do have stamped concrete, it needs annual maintenance to keep the color appealing and to prevent damage that will ruin the look of the driveway.  SealGreen E15 Epoxy Sealer for Stamped Concrete and Smith Stain colors will help with this.

So,what is in if all these trends are out?  A clean minimalistic look is the dominating trend for exterior concrete.   For a striking statement change the shape of the driveway by adding a curve or another design element.  You could also use pavers or pavers with grass growing between them for a natural look.

To maintain that clean minimalistic look we recommend using the SealGreen line of concrete cleaners and sealers. We have a fit for every cleaning and sealing need for your concrete, brick, stone, or pavers.