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Pavers Cleaners and Sealer

 Paver Cleaners

  1. SealGreen Paver Cleaner  - Perfect for cleaning pavers, mold and mildew and heavy dirt.
  2. SealGreen Efflorescence Cleaner - Designed to remove the white efflorescence of pavers when they are new or old.

Paver Sealers

  1. SealGreen Brick and Natural stone Sealer - Designed to protect concrete pavers, clay pavers, clay bricks, and natural stones with out changing the original look of the paver.
  2. SealGreen Enhancing Paver Sealer EPS-20 - Designed to enhance the color of the paver with out forming a film over the paver.  This ealer will provide an enhanced color with a matte finish.
  3. SealGreen E15 Epoxy Sealer - Designed for enhancing the color of the paver and creating a gloss finish.
  • SealGreen Enhancing Paver Sealer EPS-20

    Enhancing Paver Sealer EPS-20

    SealGreen Enhancing Paver Sealer EPS-20 Product Specification Material Safety Data Application Instructions Questions? 1-800-997-3873 SealGreen Enhancing Paver Sealer enhances the natural color of porous stone, pavers and other masonry while...

    $49.45 - $668.95
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  • SealGreen Paver Cleaner

    Paver Cleaner

    SealGreen Paver Cleaner Product Specifications Product Material Data Sheet Application Instructions Questions? 800-997-3873 SealGreen Paver Cleaner, is a dual purpose product designed for the preparation of concrete or clay paver surfaces to...

    $34.95 - $89.95
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  • Efflorescence Remover Concentrate Before and After removing efflorescence of pavers

    Efflorescence Remover

    SealGreen Efflorescence Remover Concentrate Product Specification Material Safety Data Concentrate Mixing Instructions Questions? 1-800-997-3873 SealGreen Efflorescence Remover is for removing efflorescence, salts, minerals and hard water...

    $23.95 - $455.95
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