I try restoring the shine on my floor and I got bubbles all over

I try restoring the shine on my floor and I got bubbles all over

Posted by Mike Hernandez on Nov 30th 2021

I try restoring my stain concrete floor and when I applied the sealer recommended by the local store and this is what happen. (See picture) The next day the floor was full of bubbles all over. How do I fix the problem?

There are three reasons why you get bubbles when a new coat is applied:
1.If you shake the container to much it will entrain bubbles in the coating and when you roll the coating these bubbles may not pop and remain as hard bubbles. To avoid this problem after shaking the container let it sit for several hours for the bubbles to exit the coating. If you do a small test and try the application in a small are and has bubbles it need more rest time.
2.If you apply the coating and roll out the product to fast it will create small bubbles that do go away but they will leave a surface with microscopic pockmarks know in the industry as “Orange Peel Surface.”
3.If you apply the new coating and everything looks good, and then over time it develops small bubbles it means that the coating you have applied is not chemically compatible with the existing coating and it creates a gasification process which creates permanent bubbles.
4.The only way to fix item two or three is to remove the coating and then apply a coating that is compatible with existing floor coating.
5.To remove the coating, we recommend using SealGreen SCR1600 Coating Remover. Watch the video on how to use the product.