Winterize Your Concrete

Winterize Your Concrete

Posted by Connie Hernandez on Oct 11th 2020

Yes, it is getting to be that time of year - WINTER!  ugh! And time to winterize your home and especially your concrete.

1) Keep your concrete clean.  Stains increase the likelihood of deterioration.  Don't just power wash - use a cleaner.  Detergents "pull" the dirt out of the open pores of the concrete for a cleaner clean.

2) Blow leaves off concrete surfaces. When piled-up leaves get wet, they can leave a dark stain on the concrete. Mold Cleaner

3) If you fertilize your lawn, make sure to remove all fertilizer using a leaf blower or broom.  Do not get the fertilizer wet as it can leave rust stains. Rust Remover

4) Check for cracks in your concrete driveway or other surfaces.  Cracks are especially vulnerable to freeze-thaw damage in the winter time. crack repair video

5) Examine concrete driveways and walkways for open expansion joints.  They should not be open.  If water runs through them or plants are growing in them, you need to redo them as soon as possible. expansion joint video

6) Seal your concrete if has not ever been sealed or if it has been several years since it was sealed now is the time to check for water absorption.  Pour water on the concrete.  If it turns dark immediately, it needs to be sealed before winter weather with its freezing and thawing can damage the concrete.  concrete sealing

7) Plan ahead and have a supply of a good quality Snow and Ice Melt on hand.  The most important feature to look for is a very low refreezing temperature - the lower the better. Snow Melt

8) If you are in the Kansas City Metro Area, you can call us at 913-681-3451 and schedule a free contactless driveway check-up with a written description of what needs to be done along with a quote for either service or DIY product. Contact Us Page