Unique and Unusual Christmas Gift

Unique and Unusual Christmas Gift

Posted by Connie Hernandez on Dec 4th 2021

2021 is the year of shortages and long lines looking for the perfect gift.  Now is the time to think OUTSIDE the box. Or in this case, think ABOUT the box - a 50-lb box of Snow and Ice Melt or a 30-Lb box of Snow and Ice Melt. Perfect Christmas gifts for:

1.  That young couple on your list that just bought a new house.

2.  Anyone on your list who just bought a new house - especially those who moved from a warmer climate. (Yes, people really do that!).

3. People who already have "everything".  It IS going to snow or there WILL be an ice storm and as humans - none of us will be prepared and have Snow and Ice Melt on hand.

4. Older folks still living in their homes who need instant traction on icy walkways and driveways.

5. People with pets who want a safe alternative to toxic snow and ice melts.

6. People with landscaping that they do not want destroyed by the salt from typical snow and ice melts.

7. Presents for people that you don't know and have no idea what they would like.  Snow and ice melt makes a useful gift that anyone can use. Like emergency road kits

8. Great thank you gifts for your delivery people - mailman, UPS man, FEDEX driver - who HAVE to be on the road in all kinds of weather.

9. Great door prizes and raffle items for holiday parties and fundraisers.

10. And be really nice to yourself and buy one for yourself.