Top Ten Tips to Maintain Stamped Concrete

Top Ten Tips to Maintain Stamped Concrete

Posted by Connie Herrnandez on Sep 3rd 2021

Have you ever wondered how to keep your beautiful stamped concrete patio, porch, pool deck, etc. looking like brand-new?  Here are the top ten tips for you.

Stamped Concrete Maintenance

  1. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER wash the stamped concrete with a pressure washer. Every time you wash the concrete with a pressure washer you are removing a thin layer of the protective sealer to the point where eventually the color and concrete will be exposed to the weather.
  2. Never use acid, vinegar, or a harsh cleaner to clean your stamped concrete. It will thin the sealer and cause it to turn white. If you use enough vinegar, you could even etch the concrete underneath.
  3. If you have plants or planters avoid allowing Miracle Grow or other container fertilizers to run off onto the concrete. They can destroy the sealer and can create stains (either white or dark) that are virtually impossible to remove.
  4. Any object that sits permanently over the stamped concrete (pots, etc.) should elevated at least ¼-inch to allow air to flow and humidity to dry between the object and the stamped concrete. Continual exposure to humidity will allow moisture to build up under the sealer and can create a white stain that could become permanent.
  5. Avoid placing rubber backed mats or rugs over stamped concrete. Stamped concrete needs to breathe and dry. Mats with an open weave that allow the stamped concrete to breath and dry are great.
  6. Redirect any sprinklers that wet the stamped concrete regularly because it reduces the life of the sealer and can create humidity under the sealer which creates a white spot
  7. Wash the concrete regularly using a cleaner like SealGreen Driveway and Garage Cleaner Concentrate This is an environmentally safe cleaner for any washable surface. Rinse using a regular garden hose. This will remove dirt, oils, pet stains and can be used to clean all your outdoor furniture and pool toys safely.
  8. If you must remove snow from the stamped concrete use a plastic shovel or a shovel with a plastic edge. This applies to snow blowers and snowplows.
  9. Use a safe snow/ice melter or deicer. We recommend SealGreen Snow and Ice Melter Do not use sand, fertilizers or other caustic snow or ice melters.
  10. It is important to seal your stamped concrete every 2 years to maintain the existing sealer. If you wait longer than two years, the sealer can deteriorate and create adverse effects to the color and to the stamped concrete.