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Options for Sealing Garage Floors

Options for Sealing Garage Floors

Posted by Mike and Connie Hernandez on Jan 5th 2021

Question from Customer:

I am building a new house on a foundation. The garage floor is a smooth finish, poured about 4 months ago. Still in the construction phase but wanting to add something to make cleaning up oil spills easier. Do you offer a specific product for my needs and if so when can it be applied?


We have two solutions for your new garage floor:

Solution One:

SealGreen Garage Floor Concrete Sealer Concentrate with Salt Defense Technology -  This is a penetrating chemically reactive sealer which does not change the surface or the look of the concrete. For normal use in a garage where you can do projects, park your cars and lawn equipment, etc., this is a great solution. Once the sealer is applied, it will not scratch or peel off the floor because it chemically reacts and becomes part of your concrete. It also prevents water from penetrating and refreezing inside your garage floor concrete.  We have commercial customers with warehouse floors rolling forklifts all day without affecting the performance or damaging the sealer.

Solution Two:

You can use SealGreen E10 Epoxy Concrete Sealer and SealGreen Poly StepGuard with Antiskid if you want more of a showroom floor.  You can also add color to the floor to make it more attractive using Smith Stains which come in a wide range of colors. The stain would be applied under the sealers.  The final look is a gloss finish with antiskid.

Application Process:

This video shows application for both sealers without color. -