Must Have for Winter Travel

Must Have for Winter Travel

Posted by Connie Hernandez on Nov 3rd 2020

As winter approaches, our email boxes are filled with reminders of all the important things we should carry in our cars for safety.  However, most of them leave out one thing that I think is critically important - a container of Snow and Ice Melt. If you have ever been at work or at the store and come out to find your car iced in and unable to move, you will understand the need to have Snow and Ice Melt on hand.  

SealGreen Snow and Ice Melt provides instant traction.  This allows you to avoid slipping and falling on icy sidewalks or steps.  Many of our customers carry small containers in their purse, backpack, briefcase, etc. during the winter so that it is readily available to prevent falling on the ice.

Having SealGreen Snow and Ice Melt in your vehicle allows you to move your vehicle safely from parking spaces that have iced up.  There is nothing worse than being stuck on ice when the weather is freezing cold.  Putting just bit of Snow and Ice Melter under your tires allows you drive out safely.  And you can use the Snow and Ice Melter on any surface in any location because it is safe for people, pets, plants, concrete and other surfaces.

And to make life easier, SealGreen provides Snow and Ice Melt in three sizes - 50 pounds, 30 pound tubs with handles, and quart containers for travel.  SealGreen Snow and Ice melter information - for larger sizes