Be Safe in Winter Weather

Be Safe in Winter Weather

Posted by Connie Hernandez on Nov 3rd 2020

Winter seems to come and go - one day is sunshine and dry and that night rain, sleet and snow move in to make the next morning an icy disaster.  One thing that you always need on hand during icy times is a really good, high-quality, fast acting Snow Melt that doesn't harm you or the environment.  

We highly recommend that you keep a SealGreen Snow Melt Emergency Container with you at all times.  Keep one in every vehicle that you or your family drive.  SealGreen Snow Melt provides instant traction if you encounter an icy parking lot or walkway.  It also provides instant traction if your vehicle is stuck on ice.  One of our customers was at home on a Snow Day and noticed that the mail carrier could not move away from a mailbox due to icy conditions.  Our customer came to the rescue with SealGreen Snow Melt and the mail carrier went merrily on his appointed rounds.  Watch or videos on how to keep your concrete safe  - Videos

Keep a SealGreen Snow Melt Emergency Container near your front door to spread on the front porch and walkway for the safety of delivery people, you as you go out to walk the dog and any other visitors to your front door.  For anyone who has slipped and fallen on the ice, you know that falling like that is not the comedy seen on Funniest Home Videos but can result in broken arms, legs or hips.  

Stay Safe - Keep Snow Melt in your Emergency Car Kit and your Emergency Home Winter Weather Kit.   Other suggestions for your Emergency Car Kit are a first-aid kit, drinking water, a blanket and extra warm clothes, snacks, flashlight with extra batteries, tire chains, jumper cables, shovel, reflective triangles, ice scraper / snow brush, window washer solvent but most of all - SealGreen Snow Melt.  For more information on why the only snow melt that we recommend is SealGreen Snow and Ice Melt - Snow and Ice Melter Emergency Containers information .  SealGreen Snow and Ice Melt comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs - 50 pounds, 30 pounds and the Emergency Size.