Why should we seal pavers?

Why should we seal pavers?

Posted by Mike Hernandez on Mar 31st 2023

All pavers are made of concrete with some integrated color, the weather has severe impact on the life of the pavers like walkways, driveways, pool decks, patios.

Most paver installations are built over a sand base and then the gaps between the pavers are filled with sand, polymeric sand, or some type of mortar. When exposed to high heat, rain, snow or ice the unseal pavers will tend to expand and compress this movement will separate the filler between the pavers from the edges of the paver and then allow water penetration to the base. A humid sand base will shift depending on the weather exposure allowing the pavers to move horizontally and vertically eventually destroying the paver (shedding) and the retaining filler.

Some pavers are installed over a concrete slab and then a sand base. This is a better installation because it keeps the pavers from becoming uneven. We recommend that the concrete slab be seal before it is cover with sand to protect the primary base of the pavers.

We recommend sealing the pavers with a penetrating sealer like SealGreen Paver Sealer with Salt Defense Technology. Why?

  • 1.The sealer is a penetrating sealer and will not make the pavers slippery when wet or change the look of the stones.
  • 2.The sealer reduces the expansion and compression of the pavers when exposed to the weather.
  • 3.The sealer will prevent the movement of the stones horizontally and vertically because it does not allow the pavers and mortar to absorb water and soak the base.
  • 4.The sealer will also reduce shedding of the paver.
  • 5.It will also keep your pavers looking cleaner. And reduce the opportunity for black or green mold/mildew growth, especially in areas where it rains often and the pavers may be under a shade are most of the time.
  • 6.Sealing the pavers will also mitigate the potential for SealGreen Efflorescence.Remover
  • 7.We recommend washing the pavers with SealGreen Paver Cleaner before sealing.
  • 8.It is important to make sure that the walkway, driveways, patios have good drainage around it to prevent water sipping under the pavers.