Why should we seal a plain concrete garage floor?

Why should we seal a plain concrete garage floor?

Posted by Mike Hernandez on Mar 31st 2023

Why should we seal a plain concrete garage floor?

The garage is typically the room where we store our cars and all other things. 90% of the garage floors have smooth concrete floors (also known as hard trowel floors). The garage floors are exposed to a variety of dirt, chemicals, dog or cat urine, oil, paint, chalk, glue, and tire marks. Every garage concrete floor should be sealed to give the best protection to the garage and protect your investment in your home or business.

Why should I seal my garage floor: (garages, shops, hangers, decks, warehouses, storage rooms)

  • 1.Concrete by nature creates dusting. Sealing will stop the dusting (latency dust) no tracking into the home.
  • 2.It is easier to clean and wash a seal floor that a non-seal floor because there is no open pores. (Pressure washing will not affect the sealer)
  • 3.It is easier to clean oil, paint, glue, pet urine etc. Because the concrete does not absorb into the concrete.
  • 4.A seal concrete has the maximum protection from salt exposure from the roads. Keep in mind that cars release all the frozen snow and salts in the garage floor during their park time.
  • 5.The most durable concrete floors are sealed with penetrating sealers.
  • 6.Penetrating sealers are inside the concrete and will not scratch or wear out over time and heavy use including carts and forklifts.
  • 7.Penetrating sealers do not make the concrete slippery, change the look of the concrete, or make it glossy.
  • 8.Penetrating sealer are the most cost effective sealing solution, and they are easily applied.
  • 9.We recommend SealGreen Garage Floor Sealer with Salt Defense Technology.
  • 10.The sealer can be applied to any concrete floor if it has not been previously seal. Age of the floor does not make a difference.
  • 11.Penetrating sealer reduce the spalling of the concrete, seal hairline cracks, and keep your plain concrete floor looking nice and clean.
  • 12.We recommend to wash the floor with SealGreen Driveway and Garage floor Cleaner before the sealer application.