Why Cleaning and Sealing Concrete Makes it Safer

Why Cleaning and Sealing Concrete Makes it Safer

Posted by Connie Hernandez on Jul 29th 2021

Safety and sustainability are huge factors in building and concrete is major component of most homes built in the US.  When concrete is such a huge part of a new home, it only makes sense to know how to preserve it in order to extend its life and to make it a safe surface.  Concrete maintenance is as important as cleaning and sealing your wood deck.

Keeping concrete clean and sealed will do the following:

     1. Reduce cracking, spalling and pitting which can create trip points.  This is especially important as the population ages. 

     2. Sealed concrete creates a surface that is easier to remove ice and snow again reducing the chances of slipping and falling.  

     3.  Sealed concrete reduces water retention thereby inhibiting the growth of moss and mold.  Any moss and mold that grows is easier to remove.  This will result in a better, cleaner looking surface as well as preventing a slippery surface.

     4. Sealed concrete inside such as basement walls and floors will reduce concrete dusting which reduces respiratory side effects.

     5.  Sealed concrete inside on basement walls and floors reduce moisture vapor transfer. Radon and other gases enter your home with the moisture vapor transfer, turn into gas and settle near the floor.  Reducing the transmission of these substances will keep your home safer.

     6.  Clean, sealed concrete will last at least twice as long as neglected concrete.  This frees up funds that would be used for replacement to be used for other safety programs.

   SealGreen Driveway / Garage Cleaner and SealGreen Concrete Sealer with Salt Defense Technology are truly environmental-friendly products.  Used together they will keep your concrete clean, healthy and sustainable thereby reducing the energy necessary to manufacture more concrete.   For more information about products to protector clean your concrete visit

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