What Real People Say About Sealing Concrete

What Real People Say About Sealing Concrete

Posted by Customer provided review on Oct 9th 2018

Hello neighbors,

I learned the hard way from my last newly built home that if you don't seal your concrete, they'll stain, crack, and flake off after 2 years. Once concrete is sealed, water cannot penetrate it so they can expand and contract the pores of the concrete causing damage (see my photo below after lawn watering, water beads right off).

I want to highly recommend a company that cleaned and stained my concrete driveway, sidewalk, and patio. I received 3 bids, SealGreen came in the lowest and they have the most experience. What's unique about them is they sell the professional products that they apply if you're a DIY'er and they can even teach you every step on how to apply their products.

I chose to let them do the work. Them being the lowest priced, I was expecting to get what I pay for. Instead, I watched them on my outdoor camera recordings and they exceeded my expectations. They spent a lot of time doing the prep work and they were very particular and thorough in the application process. Their products shares the similar formula as the higher bids, yet they're all made in the US and safe / no odor.

Give Mike below a call or email if your concrete hasn't been sealed.

* SealGreen didn't ask me to post this. I like to share my findings as I'm Maniacal when it comes to researching products / services.

From Mary Lou and Phil:
New concrete driveway sealed on 10/14/2001

Mike, we received an email a while back regarding our opinion of the work you have done for us. I never got around to responding, but just so you know, we think your work is excellent. If you compare our driveway and sidewalk with others that we know were not resealed annually, the difference is incredible. Our driveway and sidewalk looks like new and others show tremendous wear and tear. Thank you.

Will get in touch with you later re our bricks. All the best to you and Connie.

Mary Lou Dupes 3/1/2018

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