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Project  - Rust Removal from Concrete

Project - Rust Removal from Concrete

Posted by Mike Hernandez on Nov 18th 2021

The project that you're going to see here is a kennel covered in rust stains.  You will need the following tools: a pail, SealGreen Rust Remover, water, a brush, and a stick or a drill to mix the material.

Rust remover application video -

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The first thing we do is to add a gallon of water to the five-gallon pail. Then we add the complete container of Seal Green Rust Remover. After that is done, we use the stick or the drill. You can manually mix it or you can also use a drill with a paddle. The goal here is to remove all the white clumps in the material, once that is accomplished regardless by hand or with a drill, you will be ready to apply the product. There is approximately an hour life before the product loses all its strength in the bucket after it's been mixed with water.

The first thing we do is, take the brush, apply it heavily. We want to put a nice thick coat on top of it. We don't need to scrub. We just need to make sure that all the orange stains, light and dark, are covered heavily with the material. As you can see in the video there's no need to scrub. The only thing you need to do is apply enough material to the whole stain and then leave it alone. Some stains disappear almost immediately as you are applying it. Other stains take a little longer. Usually it will take 20 minutes to get rid of most rust stains. As you can see in the video - as he is applying it some of the lighter orange stains are already disappearing in front of the camera. By the way, this part of the video is presented to you in real time. You can see here exactly how long it was taking to remove that stain.

It took a probably 20 minutes to get rid of all the rust stains on this slab. There were some long ones and there was a bunch of spotting all over the place. We're using the larger brush to apply that heavily. As you can see here almost as he applies the product that light stain has disappeared by the time he finishes applying it in the area. One of the key things is not to allow the product to dry. The thicker the better and it works fast. Be ready to remove it as soon as you see all the rust go away. Now there are a few dark areas, the dark areas are where the rust was heavy, usually, will take a little longer but they will also disappear almost 99%.

Once you hit it with your water hose or a pressure washer that will clean up nice and fast. The material is in a jelly form, so it doesn't run so you can work on inclined surfaces and not have the problem of running all over the place. In this case, we have a bunch of little spots all over the driveway. A small brush won't work. As soon as you see major stains go away it is recommended to immediately rinse the surface. Also focus on just rinsing all the material off because it will continue cleaning. If you leave this material there for a very prolonged time, it may overclean and leave a white stain.

It's not bad as you can see here on the wet kennel floor without the rust stains now it looks pretty good. There is very little shadowing or nothing left here. The next scenario is the kennel once it is dry you can see that it's nice and clean and there are no stains. The customer was very happy with the removal of the rust stains and asked us to go ahead and seal it. For more information please visit