Installation Tool Kit - A DIY Advantage

Installation Tool Kit - A DIY Advantage

Posted by Connie Hernandez on Dec 21st 2021

"Thank goodness we bought the installation tool kit!"

As we have all been staying at home, the list of honey-do projects that are getting done is getting longer.  We have small accent windows in our dining area that allow the sun to shine directly into my eyes when I am cooking.  The blinds that would fit these windows are less than compelling.  We finally came to the conclusion that the most efficient, least expensive and most workable solution would be to put decorative film on these windows.

We measured, calculated square footage, select our choice of film and were about to check out when a pop-up read "Want to add the installation tool kit to your order?" We looked and it was everything you needed to install the film - a cutting tool, a squeegee just the right size, liquid to adhere the film and a touch up cloth - all in one kit.  We added the tool kit.

Halfway through the installation process my husband turned to me and said, "I am so glad that we got the tool kit!  It makes everything so much easier to have the right tool when you need it." There is nothing that stops a project dead in its tracks like not having the tool you need. It can mean making do with something that doesn't really work or it can mean a trip to the hardware store in the middle of the project.  It is like making cookies and finding out that you don't have an essential ingredient in the middle of mixing. 

Moral of the Story: Don't start your project without the tools necessary for successful completion of your project. Tool Remover Kit - or our Floor Color Staining Kit - 

Removing a coating with SealGreen 1600 using the Tool Kit.