How To Remove Sealer From A Concrete Driveway

How To Remove Sealer From A Concrete Driveway

Posted by Mike Hernandez on Dec 17th 2021

This video will show how to remove sealer from a concrete driveway.  You will need: 1) SealGreen SCR1600 Coatings Remover 2) a nine-inch roller cover with a one-inch or thicker nap 3) plastic to cover walls, plants or bushes 4) a pressure washer with a turbo nozzle or a 25-degree quick-connect sprayer tip (the green tip). This product and process is applicable to removing surface sealer or cure and seal from plain or stamped, decorative concrete, concrete pavers, bricks or natural stones.

Products Information: SealGreen SCR1600 Coating Remover

Application Video: 

Start by rolling the coating onto the floor completely covering the surface with a thick coat of the product. It is important to follow the square footage recommendations and not to stretch the product to increase coverage. If the product is applied too thinly it may dry out at which time it will stop working. It is usually helpful to have some extra stripper to recoat any areas that may dry out. SealGreen SCR1600 needs to remain on the concrete for approximately 12 hours to allow the product to melt thru the various coats of sealer in all the various levels of the concrete. As the stripper starts to work, the old sealer will turn into a white semi-liquid material. 

If you are removing sealer from an interior floor, this semi-liquid material needs to be disposed of before washing the concrete.  It is helpful to use SealGreen Absorber which acts sort of like cat litter to make the semi-liquid material scoopable. Any absorbent (including cat litter) will work to help remove this liquid. If you are working outside, you can just powerwash the stripper off.

After the semi-liquid material has been removed, you will need to wash the concrete.  The stripper is made from SoyBean Oil and leaves an oily reside on the surface that needs to be cleaned off. Apply SealGreen Oil Cleaner/Degreaser or SealGreen Stain Primer/Cleaner, depending on how you plan to complete your project. If you want to leave your concrete a natural color,  the Oil Cleaner/Degreaser is recommended. If you're going to apply color to the concrete then use the Stain Primer/Cleaner before you apply the Smith Color Stains.

The process is slow as you're cleaning about two inches at a time, but you're doing a very thorough cleaning of the sealer off the surface of the concrete. The reason we're removing the sealer is because a topical sealer was applied to a driveway that has a steep grade to it. The homeowner was having trouble going up the driveway in wintertime and during wet times as the driveway became very slippery. The sealer was the wrong sealer for this application as it created a shiny, slippery surface and brought out some imperfections and discoloration of the concrete. 

The homeowner wanted his driveway to look natural as it was before the sealer was applied. The SealGreen SCR1600 Coatings Remover accomplished this task. You can see here that it's a slow process, but it is a very thorough process leaving the concrete nice and clean and returned to its natural look. The SealGreen SCR1600 Coatings Remover is totally environmentally safe for pets and landscape. Any runoff will not damage your grass or plants.

Once we remove all the sealer, we allow the concrete to dry for 12 hours.This allows the water that we introduced into it during the wash to evaporate before any color or sealer is applied to it. This driveway was finally sealed with SealGreen Concrete Sealer (penetrating sealer) which does not change the look or the surface of the concrete. This provides a safe surface during winter or wet times and allows the car to drive up the driveway and into the garage safely.

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