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How to remove oil stains from concrete

How to remove oil stains from concrete

Posted by Mike Hernandez on Nov 16th 2021

Gray-Out is a gray powder of small active molecules known as enzymes. These enzymes break oil apart into non-reactive and non-toxic gases.  SealGreen Gray-Out product information

Gray-Out sits on top of the stain, eliminating the oil as it rises from within the depth of the concrete. This chemical process is safe for your pets, your plants, and your concrete. Gray-Out is part of SealGreen’s triune commitment in delivering high-quality, environment safe, and easy-to-apply products to homeowners.

Applying Gray-Out begins by clearing the concrete surface of debris or other obstructions preventing the product from contacting the oil. Debris could be gum or leaves and are easily removable with a brush or a leaf blower. 

Then pour a thin of Gray-Out onto the dry concrete with the oil stain. We recommend using a brush to spread the powder across the entire section of concrete for a uniform look. 

This covering of gray powder will satisfy Homeowner’s Associations while the product works to dissolve the oil. 

The Gray-Out can require a long period of time before the stain is completely removed. This can be a few days for small stains to several months for very large stains. 

When Gray-Out has eliminated the oil, it will release gradually without creating problems such as sticking to shoes or tires. 

You can find the entire Gray-Out application process demonstrated on our YouTube channel SealGreenTV. If you would like to know more about Gray-Out, visit us at

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