Does the Rust Remover really work?

Does the Rust Remover really work?

Posted by Connie Hernandez on Jun 27th 2018

We get this question all the time. Does the Rust Remover really work? Here are the words of one of our customers along with pictures of his project so you can see for yourself - YES, the Rust Remover really works.

On Jun 24, 2018, at 1:26 PM, Raymond Olszewski 


Just wanted to let you all know the Seal Green product is awesome! It worked great.

I am sending you a series of annotated photographs of my project. Hope you can use them to brag!

I will be placing an order for another container of Seal Green to finish up the other sections. Not sure yet which container I will get, the big container or the little one? Big one is expensive. Do you give Veteran's discounts by chance?  SealGreen Rust Remover Rust Remover Information

Attached are the photos.

Ray Olszewski  -  Order #19189

Picture Captions:

Step 1
SEALGREEN 8oz. container 6/23/2018 Ray Olszewski

Residential Sidewalk Cleanup Project
First Application.
Notice at top of photo the original condition of sidewalk.

Step 2
Success! Well, almost!
Notice some area in upper left still showing spots of fertilizer rust spots.

Step 3
Next Day, tackled these spots and used a steel wire brush and some elbow grease. I applied SealGreen again to these spots, scrubbed with steel wire and rinse off.

Step 4
Big Success!  Look at this cement now!
WoW! Great Product!
Took me about half-an-hour to get here.  I"m ordering more to finish the rest of the sidewalk.
Way to go SealGreen.

Going to tackle this when I get more SealGreen and make more points with my honey!

By the way, the concrete is wet from the rinse when I took the photo.