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A Concrete Way to Enjoy Your Summer

A Concrete Way to Enjoy Your Summer

Posted by Connie Hernandez on Apr 7th 2016

A concrete way to enjoy your summer – OR should I say a way to enjoy your concrete this summer?  

Do your maintenance early and then sit back and enjoy your concrete all summer – knowing that you won’t have to scurry around this fall and do something before winter comes. Surprisingly, September, October and November are the busiest months for concrete sealing. Humans procrastinate and then hurry to seal the concrete before winter comes. Especially seal your stamped concrete now so you can enjoy the beauty all summer.

What do you need to do to maintain your concrete?  The short version is 

1) Do a visual analysis to check for cracks, open joints, broken corners, spalling, pitting or flaking; 

2) Repair cracks and replace joints if needed; 

3) Wash and remove stains from the concrete; and 

4) Seal it if it needs to be done.  

Spend a day and enjoy clean, beautiful concrete for the rest of the summer and beat the fall rush.