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Just Say No!.......

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Just Say No!.......

New Concrete Driveway
  • When you have control over when your concrete is going to be poured and the temperature is over 100 degrees – Say No!
  • When your contractor has no references older than 3 years that you can visit – Say No!
  • When your contractor says if it rains he will cover it with plastic – Say No!
  • When they tell you that they don’t need expansion joints for whatever reason – Say No!
  • When your contractor is in a hurry to finish the job but the temperatures are too hot or there is rain in the forecast – Say No!
  • When they want to pour your foundation or driveway or patio when it is going to be very,very cold – Say No!
  • When they tell you that they don’t need rebar or gravel under the concrete – Say No!
  • When they tell that the new additives make it OK to pour concrete in any weather – hot or cold – Say No!
  • When someone tells you that fiber in the concrete will replace rebar – Say No!
  • When they tell you they are going to add water to make the concrete easier to work – Say No!

Your foundation, your driveway, your garage floor, your patio – all made of concrete and all very expensive to replace or repair – do your homework. Check out what the contractor tells you. Research and then research some more. Don’t believe everything that is on the web. Don’t be swayed by price alone. All concrete is NOT the same. All contractors do NOT know how to pour good concrete. And everyone is NOT looking out for your best interests. All concrete sealers are NOT the same - they have different chemistry and are used for different reasons.  Read, question, read some more, and then when someone wants to do something that isn’t right – Just Say No!

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