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Stamped & Decorative

Our SealGreen Sealers are designed to:

  • Enhance the color of the concrete 
  • Create a gloss finish
  • Create a wet look
  • Protect against salt and deicer damage
  • Allow the concrete to breath
  • Protect the environment
  • Have NO solvents
  • Approved by all 50 states
  • Qualify for LEED credits
  • SealGreen E10 Epoxy Sealer and Vapor Barrier SealGreen E10 Epoxy Sealer is used for color stain protection and enhancement

    E10 Epoxy Concrete Sealer

    SealGreen™'s  E10 Epoxy™ Sealer and Vapor Barrier Product Specification Material Safety Data Application Instructions Application Instruction on a garage floor Product Test Vapor Barrier Capabilities Floor Maintenance...

    $20.95 - $821.95
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  • Poli-Shine is a heavy duty floor coating that provides a high gloss and protection against stains from food products.

    Poly Shine Concrete Sealer

    SealGreen Poly Shine Concrete Sealer  Coverage Application Application Process Clean Up Poly Shine Product Specification Sheet Poly Shine Product Safety Data Sheet Poly Shine - Test Application...

    $20.95 - $935.95
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  • SealGreen W10 High Gloss Finish Coat SealGreen W10 Finish Coat provides a high gloss finish.

    W10 High Gloss Concrete Finish Coat

    SealGreen W10 - High Gloss Finish Coat Product Specification Application Instructions Test Instructions Maintenance Instructions Questions? 1-800-997-3873 The SealGreen W10 Finish Coat is an acrylic wax emulsion, design to give high gloss...

    $20.95 - $339.95
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  • SealGreen Poly StepGuard with antiskid

    Poly StepGuard With Antiskid

    SealGreen Poly StepGurad with Antiskid Product Specification Material Safety Data Anti Skid Test Questions? 1-800-997-3873 These product is custom made and takes 2 weeks to ship. Poly StepGuard is a water-based sealer that dries clear...

    $20.95 - $1,347.95
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    Spike Shoes

    Spike Shoes – heavy duty shoes with spikes used to walk over wet coatings without tracking the surface. Benefits of SealGreen Spike Shoes:1. Made of solvent-resistant polypropylene. 2. They are black, so they do not look so dirty after many years...

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