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Polished Concrete Sealer

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Polished Concrete
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Item Number: SG-POLISH-C

Product Options

Polished Sealer 2.5 Gallons (Covers 1,000 Sqft.) ($86.50)
Polished Sealer 10 Gallon (Covers 4,000 Sqft.) ($329.50)
Polished Sealer 1 Gallon (Covers 350 - 400 Sqft.) ($38.00)

SealGreen – Polished Concrete Sealer

  • Odorless, Water-based
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Protects against water, oil, citrus, organic stains
  • Leaves natural appearance NOT a surface sealer
  • Has Salt Defense Technology
  • Commercial or Residential
SealGreen Polished Concrete Sealer is a siliconate, water-based, penetrating, fast-reactive, odorless, environmentally-friendly sealer developed to effectively seal a wide range of polished concrete.  Provides long-lasting protection without altering the natural appearance of the concrete surface or creating a surface film which can become slippery or peel with hot tire pickup. Siliconate sealers use a chemistry with larger molecules that reacts with the chemicals in the concrete forming a gel that hardens and chemically bonds to interior of the concrete. Siliconates are permanent sealers in that the sealer stays inside the concrete until it is mechanically removed.

USAGE: To create a water repellent surface which reduces absorption of water, oil, citrus, salt, jet fuel, organic stains, etc. into the concrete. Surface is easier to clean.  Reduces etching.  Pump Sprayer Information

  • Protects polished concrete from water, oil, soda, citrus and other penetrating stains
  • Increases useful life of the concrete
  • Environmentally-friendly chemically-reactive sealer
  • Does not form a film on the surface so surface does not become slippery
  • Preserves natural appearance of the concrete
  • Low VOC, nonflammable, odorless
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Colorless and non-yellowing
  • Ships as a concentrate to reduce shipping costs, storage and hauling issues
  • Easy to install and to maintain
How to order product:  SealGreen Polished Concrete Sealer shipps in concentrate form to save on shipping cost. Just add drinkable water and it is ready to use.
1 Gallon
Aprproximate coverage depending on level of polish 400 Square Feet
Investment per square feet $0.10 per square foot
2.5 Gallons
Aprproximate coverage depending on level of polish 1,000 Square Feet
Investment per square feet $0.09 per square foot
10 Gallons
Aprproximate coverage depending on level of polish 4,000 Square Feet
Investment per square feet $0.08 per square foot
Polished Concrete: 350 -400 sq ft per gal depending on polished level.

Do not dilute or alter after proper mix of concentrate. Application temperature range 35º - 85ºF (2º - 49ºC). Protect from freezing. May damage glass, aluminum, metal, ceramics & glazed tile or other surfaces. Always protect these areas. 

Technical personnel are available to answer questions on product performance, application methods and chemical composition. 800-997-3873

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Polished concrete sealer is AWESOME!
Gary (Arkansas) 4/26/2013 10:42 AM
Used on a concrete countertop, applied twice, buffed it. Next day when customer saw it, applied water and it beaded immediately. Will be using lots more of this product.
Tested and approved
KL (Florida) 4/24/2012 1:42 PM
One of our client’s has a house with polished concrete floors and has dogs that occasionally have accidents on the floor. I was looking at your sealers and then I realized that we had already tested your SealGreen Polished Concrete Sealer on an airline hangar for American Airlines. It had already gone through all the testing – oil, grease, jet fuel, everything they could put it – and they loved it. Your sealer is great! There were 10 or 12 other sealers and yours worked the best! KL Xtreme Polishing Florida
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