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Concrete Driveway Crack and Expansion Joint Repair

Joint repaired Crack on driveway There are two types of joints in concrete driveway slabs, Expansion Joints and Controlled Crack Joints. Every concrete slab inside or outside above eight feet by eight feet is required to have joints. Expansion Joints provides space between concrete slabs. The space serves as a buffer for expansion on hot days and compression in cold days. Usually these Control Joints are installed during the initial installation of the concrete. Most control Joints are made of wood or some soft material so they can move with the expansion and compression of the concrete. Usually Control Joints vary in size from half-inch to an inch in width and three to four inches in depth. A slab without control joints will crack and reduce the life of the concrete slab. Control joints also serve as Controlled Crack Joints as the slab settles with time.

Controlled Crack Joints control cracking as the slab settles with time. Usually these Joints are cut into the slab after the concrete hardens. Control Joints vary in size from one-eighth inch to one-quarter inch in width and half inch in depth. A slab without Crack Joints will crack in random patterns and will reduce the life of the concrete slab.

Both type of joints with time will accumulate dirt, salt, allow grass or weeds to grow, and allow water to filter under the slab, etc. Water under the slab accelerates the settling of the concrete slab creating uneven concrete surfaces and cracks.

ReUse Flexible Joint and Crack Sealer allows the joints to do their intended job, and at the same time prevents water penetration and any other foreign matter therefore extending the life of the slab.

Repair Results
  • Eliminates the accumulation of dirt, salt
  • Prevents Tripping Points
  • Reduces damage from snow removal
  • Humidity Retention - Reduced Ground  shifting
  • Reduce Cracking
  • Bonds to concrete for long service life
  • Prevents weeds and grass growth
  • Prevents water from filtering below concrete
  • Protects rebar from rusting
  • Reduced damage from salts
  • Easier to clean
  • Easier to remove ice and snow
  • Reduces expansion from freeze/thaw
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